3 Easy Tips For A Child Proof Home

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One of the most prided memories a parent has is when their child takes their first steps. However, most parents would agree that shortly after those first few steps your child will be running all over the house which is why doctors recommend baby proofing your home before your child becomes mobile. Young children have the ability to get into the smallest of places and with their small fingers and curiosity they can quickly find themselves in a not so safe situation. Below are 3 ways to protect your little one from common household dangers.
1. Cap off all exposed outlets in your home with plastic covers. If possible, for specific outlets you rarely use, considering switching the outlet plate with to a blank solid plate with no openings. Children have been known to stick small objects into these areas and run the risk of electrocution. Doing so could also be increasing the risk of a fire starting in your home. When small objects are forced through the openings in an outlet the circuit heats and could cause a fire to break in your home.
2. Watch for sharp edges or corners on furniture around your home such as sofas and coffee tables. These sharp corners could greatly hurt your child if they fell or ran into its edges. Foam padding is available at most child stores and even in some grocery stores.
3. Locking cabinet doors and even your oven door is extremely important because as your child grows their fascination with opening and shutting doors will grow as well. Keeping cabinets or storage with harmful chemicals closed is also very important to prevent consumption of hazardous toxins.
Keeping designated play areas which have been child proofed is in your best interest and will eliminate the added risk of harm towards your child and also your home. By capping off electrical outlets and teaching your little one the importance of safety, you are helping keep your home free of damage from incidents such as a fire. It is never a bad idea to lean on the side of caution. It is truly a blessing to be able to watch your child grow, but keeping a cautious eye on them at all times is the best way to protect your child and home from harm.

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