3 Tips To A Happier Winter

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Have you been feeling unmotivated or lagging lately? Well you are not alone, and winter weather may be the one to point fingers at for your change of emotion. SAD or seasonal affective disorder, is a mild form of depression typically caused by the long winter months and reportedly affects 2-5 million people each year in North America. Sure the winter season has its beauty when everything is covered in snow, but for some it also brings along frustration of dropping temperatures and a redundant colorless scenery. Gray and white hues fill the environment around us each winter in Massachusetts and after the first few snowfalls it can start to become bothersome. The sun begins to set earlier and the cold weather has people staying indoors and cozy up on their couches rather than being active. We have all been through the winter slump one time or another which is why we’ve gathered 3 tips to keep you happy this winter season.

1-You are what you eat- I admit to being guilty of eating less healthy foods in the winter and trading in my gym shoes for a comfy pair of slippers, but studies actually show that your diet has a direct affect on your mood. Eating foods chock full of nutrients and fiber will lead your body to respond in a positive way and provide you more energy to get through your day. Exercising is a great way to stay in shape and help boost your mood because your body naturally releases endorphins when exercising which help you to feel better.
2-Dress the part – It seems like a no brainer that when it is cold outside to throw on a jacket, right? Well, most people are unhappy in the winter because they admit that they are underdressed for the weather outside! Wearing gloves, jackets and hats will help keep you warm when going outside but remember, try and warm up inside when you get the chance to relieve your body of over working to keep you warm.
3- If you can’t beat them, join them- Make winter fun by enjoying seasonal activities only available in the winter such as sledding, skiing and snowshoeing. Restaurants often have specials that coincide with the weather such as hearty soups and home style favorites like macaroni and cheese. These items may available year round, but they work especially well with the colder months.

As us New Englanders know, winter weather is only temporary. So with each snow day passed, we are another closer to warm weather. 🙂

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