4 Must Have Gadgets of 2011

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Looking to upgrade some of your electronics but don’t know where to start? Take a look at the 4 must have gadgets for 2011 according to Clayton Morris of FoxNews.com

1- Motorola’s Xoom Tablet– Similar to an iPad, Motorola has taken touch technology to the next level with their Xoom Tablet. Expecting to be released in March, this tablet will be the first to run on Google’s Honeycomb operating system, customized solely for the benefit of tablet users. With the 32GB storage, two cameras, an SD card slot and HD video capture this tablet is highly anticipated for technology lovers around the world!
2- Samsung 8000 LED TV– Finding a TV these days seems to be as confusing as ever. With competing prices and a variety of added features its easy to get lost in translation..that is until you see what the Samsung 8000 LED TV is capable of. Taking up vey little room (only 1.5 inches thick) this TV is compared to “seamless glass”. However, don’t let its size fool you as it offers Skype and 3D features. Available in 46-,55- and 65 inch sizes Samsung seems to be the pick of the year for TV fanatics.
3- Celestron SkyProdigy 130- A star viewers dream come true! This telescope takes viewing planets and stars on a whole new level. In just a few short minutes, the onboard camera detects where the viewer is facing and finds the star or planet you were trying to find. The good news is that this latest gadget is an affordable $700 that is reasonable for those who aren’t looking to break their budget.
4- Motorola Atrix 4G- This gadget combines two of technologies greatest advances in one – the computer and the smart phone. This gadget is compatible with your television, a full size keyboard and mouse and when placed in its optional dock it runs just as a laptop would complete with its own software. This phone even comes with a finger print reader feature, an added theft prevention bonus.

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