5 Steps To Get You Out Of A Skidding Situation

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Mastering the art of driving may be instilled when you take your first trip behind the wheel, but your driving skills increase over time as you continue to drive. New drivers are always learning from their mistakes such as not filling the air in their tires or taking extra caution when driving in harsh weather conditions. However, even the most experienced of drivers still needs advice on how to handle unexpected circumstances such as your car skidding on the road. In Massachusetts fashion, the weather in the winter certainly can put your driving skills to the test which is why we found 5 tips to help before you buckle up.

1-      Do not panic- Try and stay calm so that you can focus on what you need to do to avert an accident from occurring.

2-      Take your foot off of the accelerator. Do not brake; the car will slow down on its own when you release your foot from the accelerator.

3-       If the skid is from your front wheels do not turn the wheels any further and bring the steering wheel back so that the wheels are in a straight position.

4-      If the skid is from your back wheels, turn the steering wheel into the direction of the skid. If the skid is to the right, then turn the steering wheel to the right. If the car begins to skid in the other direction turn the steering wheel into the opposite direction as well.

5-      Once you have regained your traction you can turn the wheel into the direction that you need.

Most skids occur when you are driving too fast or because of current weather conditions, so taking extra caution driving can ultimately help you prevent an accident. Though skidding can catch you off guard, remember that just because your car is skidding does not mean that you will get in an accident. However, in the event of an accident, we encourage that you contact your insurance agent to file a claim right away. Our agents are available to handle all of your insurance related needs on the phone at 413-536-8380 or in person at 150 Lower Westfield Road Holyoke, MA.

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