5 Ways to Expand Your Business

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5 Ways to Expand Your Business

We all know that owning your own business can be risky.  A business can either fail, succeed, or thrive! Some businesses are struggling while others are flourishing, so well that they may be looking to expand!  If your business is looking to expand over the course of the year, you have plenty of options.  Just remember: even minor changes and moves of expansion will affect your business insurance in Massachusetts.

Before we discuss coverage, we have a few ideas to share.  There are a variety of ways you can expand:

  • Open a second location.  Opening a second location across town is a great way to gain a client base in another area!
  • Hire more employees.  New faces, new ideas!  Hiring new people for the company is a great way to build your team and bring new ideas to the table!
  • Purchase a company car.  This is a great asset to any business, whether your purchase one for your traveling salesman or offer cars as a perk to your employees.
  • Target new markets.  While your current market may be serving you well, that doesn’t mean others will not.  Research and expand your market for the best results.
  • Expand your internet presence.  While you may have a professional website, hat may not be enough to make an impression! Have a Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn page made up for your business.

However you choose to expand can benefit your business.  It is also sure to affect your business insurance.  Massachusetts business owners should contact us for more information regarding policies.  For example, a new company car is going to mean commercial vehicle insurance.  Hiring more employees may affect your workers’ comp and group benefits plan.  Feel free to speak with us at Ross Insurance Agency for more information and a free quote!