Achieving Success Through ALEKS Software

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Aleks Online Homeschool Curriculum

As the old saying goes “the only constant is change”, and as our society continues to evolve so do the techniques we use to educate ourselves. One new technique to help children improve their math skills is sweeping the states with its innovative and effective technology. ALEKS, an internet based math program directed towards helping improve the math skills of children in grades 3-8, has been integrated in the studies at Morgan School of Holyoke, MA. Students are using this program on a daily basis to help their skills in Math and also reap some outside of the classroom benefits as well. The students begin this program by taking an assessment test which will help determine what areas of math they need to work on. After they take the assessment test, the program continues to offer a series of different math lessons that are specifically customized to meet the mathematical needs of each individual student. Once they have completed a series of customized math problems, they will advance on to the next learning level. Teachers can monitor the student’s time spent on this program and can see the progress of each of their students which helps them to better focus on what areas to cover during class time. Although the program can be accessed through any computer, students have the opportunity during their down time at school to access the ALEKS software with computers provided inside of the Morgan School Library. Teachers are already beginning to see the positive effects of the ALEKS program and students are more excited than ever to be able to be a part this rewarding learning process as they are rewarded for reaching certain hour milestones. The goal at Morgan School this year is that every student reaches 100 hours of use with incentives to keep them going along the way. When a student reaches 10 hours of use, they will receive a homework pass, 50 hours of use receives a $10 gift certificate to Barnes & Noble or the Ingleside Mall in Holyoke MA. When a student reaches the 100 hour goal they will earn a trip to Look Park in Florence MA in June for a Spring picnic, and if they earn 125 hours they will be entered to win a seasons pass to Six Flags New England. This program is proving to be successful as every person has a different rate of learning. What may be easy for one person may be difficult for another to comprehend, and because ALEKS works with each student on an individual and personalized basis, these students are getting extra one-on-one learning to help them keep up in the class room. We at Ross Insurance feel that this program is a huge step in the right direction for education which is why we have donated funds to help purchase rewards for the hard work put in by the students at Morgan School. Together we hope to help students understand and excel in Math and look forward to their achievements in the future.


  1. I teach 8th grade Math at Morgan and the kids enjoy working with the ALEKS program. It’s always a wonderful feeling when they make the connection between something they’ve seen on ALEKS and the work we do in class.

  2. Kudos to Morgan School for thinking of innovative incentives and challenges to help motivate the students!

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