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At the very young age of just 2 years old, Allison Guarente’s parents Bob and Marge were informed that their daughter had an optic glioma, a tumor on her optic nerve. The tumor would leave Allison visually impaired even after undergoing treatment to remove the tumor. Allison underwent chemotherapy and surgery to remove the tumor which left her blind in one eye. They later discovered that a second tumor had developed behind her other eye which left Allison’s vision at 20/200. With the help of The Dana Farber Cancer Institute, the Guarente’s pushed forward with experimental therapy to battler the tumor. These days, the tumor is under control and Allison has vision of 20/25, almost perfect vision. The Guarente family credits the support from friends and family who helped encourage Allison, but most importantly the research and treatment team at The Dana Farber Cancer Institute. The Dana Farber Cancer Institute is located in Boston Massachusetts and has been  providing outstanding treatment to those who are diagnosed with cancer. They are constantly exploring the world of developing cures through their cutting-edge research. The Dana Farber Cancer Institute also works very closely with The Jimmy Fund in efforts to end childhood cancer. Thanks to the efforts put forward by both of these institutes, the Guarente family wanted to show their appreciation and founded “Allie’s Five O’Clock Fund” in 2006. Over the past four years, Allie’s Five O’Clock Fund has organized their Summer State of Mind Concert to raise funds to contribute to organizations like Dana Farber and Jimmy Fund Institutes, so that other people have the same opportunity that Allison had when she was first diagnosed. Not only is the Summer State of Mind Concert a great way to raise funds but it is also an entire day of fun fit for the whole family.  Join Allie’s Five O’Clock Fund on Saturday, July 23rd 2011 for their Summer State of  Mind Concert. See below for full details

Who: All are invited to join Allie’s Five O’Clock Fund

 for their Summer State of Mind Concert

Where: The Holyoke Elks  Lodge at

250 Whitney Ave

Holyoke, MA01040

Come and enjoy a day of family fun at the Holyoke Elks Lodge where Changes in Latitude, Rum Runners, The Bum Steers and Tim Lenihan will be performing for your musical enjoyment. The concert starts at 2PM along with a cash bar and buffet including Mexian and American food from vendors including On The Border, Poppie’s Concessions and Anna’s Fried Dough.

A portion of food proceeds will be going to Allie’s fund which will then be donated to The Jimmy Fund and The Dana Farber Cancer Institute.

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