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So you are looking to get rid of your laptop, or maybe you are in the market to buy a vehicle. Where can you go to make a quick and easy sale? If you are looking to buy or sell things, the first place you usually check is the Internet. Selling and buying things off of the Internet means that you have a better chance of reaching out to a broad range of people in only a matter of minutes. As good as an idea as it seems to use the Internet to buy or sell, there are, unfortunately, people out there who use online transactions as an opportunity to make a profit through scamming. Not all websites are made up of scammers. There are people who genuinely are looking to buy and sell just as you are. Knowing what to look for in a “scam situation” will help you to avoid it all together. Take a look at a few ways to prevent being scammed on the Internet.


1-      Look for local buyers and sellers first before reaching out to people who live further away. This gives you the opportunity to meet them in person and to see the item up for purchase.

2-      When buying from someone online go by the saying “If it’s too good too be true, it probably isn’t” Most times scammers will advertise a product for a considerably cheaper price than what others are selling it for. Keep an eye out for a buyer who is only willing to offer you your asking price if you have to go out of your way to make the sale.

3-      When the sale is first initiated, be sure to read the conversation thoroughly. Get to know the person you are making the sale with. Ask to speak with them over the phone and ask them a few questions about the object being considered. It may seem awkward at first to make conversation but it will help you to feel more comfortable with the person you are dealing with.



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