Baby Safety Month: Tips for Parents

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Baby Safety Month: Tips for Parents

_7692581_origIn light of National Baby Safety Month I wanted to share some important tips for first time parents….or just parents in general! came up with a list of important tips when it comes to your baby’s safety. I chose a couple that stood out to me to share with you.

  • Even though hand-me-downs carry sentimental value they also can also be very dangerous. There have been large advancements in baby product safety over the years when it comes to cribs, strollers, high chairs and walkers. Older products have a higher chance of missing parts or may even have a recall on them. Even though it’s easier and cheaper to re-use products, it might not be safe for your baby and you don’t want to take that chance. Check to see if a recall was issued for your crib. Visit: for recall information
  • Always, always, always read instructions and warning labels for the safest product use when it comes to cribs, strollers, toys etc.
  • Put safety before price. This might be a hard pill to swallow but do your research and make sure you have a reliable crib with no issues or complications.
  • The crib mattress should fit snugly. No more than two fingers width, one-inch, between the edge of the mattress and the crib side. The baby can get trapped between the mattress and the side of the crib if the space is any bigger.
  • Use a sheet for the crib that fits tightly and securely on the mattress.
  • On your stroller, check for adjustments that reduce the size of seat openings in the front to prevent your baby from falling out.
  • Choose a stroller that has a base wide enough to prevent tipping. Read all of the warning labels and instructions.
  • Make sure your high chair has a waist strap and is not missing any parts.
  • Use a wireless baby monitor to avoid risk of strangulation.
  • Never put a baby monitor in the crib, bassinet or toddler bed. Put it on a shelf where it cannot be reached or knocked down.
  • Do not allow smoking in your home or around your baby
  • Protect all of your outlets with a safety cover.
  • Put gates where necessary. Once the baby starts crawling they will try to discover all of the other rooms and stairs .

To view the full list of baby safety tips head to:

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