Benefits of Adopting from Halfway Home Cat Rescue

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If you read our last blog  you know we are working to bring awareness this month to an organization that Michele Braidwood is involved with, Halfway Home Cat Rescue. Halfway Home Cat Rescue is a cat and kitten rescue and adoption group in the local area.

What are the benefits of adopting from Halfway Home Cat Rescue you ask?

  • Adopters are saving two lives- the life of the cat they are adopting and also the next cat that Halfway Home will have room for.
  • It could also save a third life-yours. There are many positive emotional benefits from owning a pet. Pets have proven to help people with depression, loneliness, self-esteem, and they help 564124_596162430441741_84382046_nchildren to learn responsibility and compassion. Also, statistics show that pet owners actually live longer then people without one!
  • All of the kittens are checked by the vet and completely ready to adopt. They are spayed/neutered, have their shots, treated for fleas, dewormed and are tested for FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus) and Leukemia. The Halfway Home adoption fee is very low considering all the treatment they have received.
  • All of the cats from Halfway Home Cat Rescue live in foster homes. They are not caged; instead they are part of the family. That way they get to know their personality’s, if they get along well with children, dogs etc. This also helps kittens break out of their shell and get used to people.
  • Last but not least, cats are very playful and great at cuddling!

Halfway Home Cat Rescue takes in abandoned and stray cats and kittens. If you find a stray, please don’t hesitate to call them immediately, you could be saving a life. Once they get a call they immediately consult each other to figure out the quickest way to intake the cat or kittens and which foster home to place them in. The do an immediate assessment, make a vet appointment and make sure they have appropriate supplies on hand.

Contact Information:

  • Robin: (413) 237-6271
  • Meghan: (413) 519-7309

If you’re interested in adopting they have adoption days every Sunday at Petco in Enfield from 10-1. Follow them on Facebook to keep up with the cats and kittens they have.


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