Black Friday Survival Tips

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531c045d1b697088983e8943c6cdb51fBlack Friday is approaching us and this can either be a stressful or an exciting day for some people. Whether you’re someone who waits in line all night, or someone who browses the mall, we all want one thing- great deals and to be the least overwhelmed as possible. Here are some tips on how to prepare for Black Friday in order to help you make the most of the discounts and sales!

Do your research
If you are planning on buying a big ticket item, make sure to do your research and read reviews before you buy it. Try not to buy big ticket items just because it is on sale, make sure you actually know about the product. Create a list of the items that you are planning on buying specifically on Black Friday and do your research online or in newspaper ads to find out which stores have the lowest prices.

Stay organized
If you have coupons, make sure they are organized and ready to go. If you don’t think you are going to be using certain coupons, put them aside so they are not in the way of the ones you are definitely going to use.

Bring Ads with you
Bring sales ads with you so you have proof incase a store tries to give you a hard time on a sale. Most stores have a policy that will allow them to match or beat a lower advertised price, but will require you to show the ad as proof to process the price difference.

Early bird gets the worm
If you are not usually a morning person, Black Friday is the one day that you should be! Maybe you are a night owl and will be waiting in line the night before which also works. The best deals are early in the morning. Get your coffee ready and be prepared to get those bargains!

Research the door busters
If you are going to be waiting in line at a store who is offering door busters, make sure to know how it works. Some stores give away tickets and sometimes it is only offered to the first 100 people in line, or even at random.

Bring a mobile device
Some stores have promotion codes that are exclusively online. Bring your phone, tablet etc. to have those codes ready to go. Also, if a store sells out of a product you wanted, you can log on to your device and order it right away online.

Ask about the return policy
Some stores actually change the return policy just for Black Friday. Know the store’s return policy before committing.

Hopefully these tips help you to survive Black Friday. Do you research ahead of time that way you can enjoy your Thanksgiving without stressing about shopping the next day. Have a safe and productive Black Friday!

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