Bon Jovi, Boston, and My Boyfriend.

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Bon Jovi, Boston, and My Boyfriend.

I recently had the opportunity to go into my very favorite city, Boston.  For my birthday in January I was given tickets to see Bon Jovi and lets just say April could NOT get here fast enough.  I had two tickets.  Hmmm…..who should I take?  The choice was pretty easy.  I decided to go with my boyfriend.  Now before people start getting hot flashes, relax.  I call my husband Jeremy my boyfriend when we go away together because it is so nice to be away from home and the kids it feels like when we were dating.

If you were hoping for a scandal, sorry. I hate to disappoint you.

So me and the boyfriend got packed and hit the road for Boston.  It was an uneventful ride in (just how he likes it) and a loud and crazy concert (just how I like it).  He couldn’t hear anything the whole walk back to the hotel and I am thinking this could be the secret success to marriage!  We laughed so much and ate some of the best food ever!  It was a trip away that we needed and that we will always remember.  Here are a couple things Boston and Bon Jovi taught us:

  • Aging.  We realized that we were not at all like the young 20 somethings that were at this concert.  But the good news was this….NEITHER WAS BON JOVI! That being said, he was up there rocking out and couldn’t care less about his age.  Lesson and point taken.  Someone get me a guitar – I am starting a band.
  • Energy.  There is a certain energy that the city has.  You almost can’t help but get caught up in it! We were dead tired the next day, but looking down at the hustle and bustle of the city made us want to get out and do something.  We didn’t.  But we wanted to.
  • Attitude.  Bon Jovi got on stage with confidence.  It was obvious and contagious.  It wasn’t obnoxious or braggy.  Listen, lack of confidence is something many of us deal with.  Fake it until you make it!
  • Tell a story.  You can’t go anywhere in Boston without it telling a story.  The history of the city is rich.  Same with Bon Jovi.  All of his songs tell a story.  Let your presence tell a story.  Let people leave you having learned something about you!

We really had the best mini vacation ever and learned a few things along the way! I can’t wait for my next getaway with my boyfriend and the cool things we will learn and discover!