Cholesterol, Obesity, and Being 40

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Cholesterol, Obesity, and Being 40

You might be asking what the 3 things in the title all have in common?  Well, that is easy.  They are all things that are currently in my life.  I turned 40 mid January of this year and with that came a great gift.  This gift came in a bottle with my name on it and inside were tiny treasures.  These treasures had special instructions.  I was to take one every day, to keep me from dying of a heart attack.  Ok, not really, but kind of!  I had my physical and blood work and was told that my total cholesterol was 310 and my LDL (that’s the bad stuff) was 218.  I was also overweight and in a new age category.

The doctor told me I needed to loose weight.  Which I already know and have been choosing to ignore.  After getting all of the results and having a discussion with my husband we decided to do Weight Watchers together.  Bless his heart for signing up for this with me.  Our first night doing it he had already used all his points for the day by dinner.  He wasn’t sure what he could have – I told him water.

Sometimes you get a little change one at a time in life.  While it can be hard it is manageable.  Then there are times when you get news that you are obese, old and now need a pill container to keep track of your medication.

Wherever you are in your life can I encourage you to be willing to bend.  To see some changes as opportunity.  To take them on as  challenge.  While I was overwhelmed thinking of all the upcoming change I decided to get excited about it instead.  To look at it as a goal….to loose weight, get off the medication and turn 39….ok so the last one I can’t control…but I am in charge of everything else!

I’ll keep you posted about how things go and if Jeremy ever figures out how to budget his points for the day! Until then – be positive and excepting of change.  It’s gonna happen anyways, we might as well have a happy attitude, right?