Confessions of a Mom: I Have Addiction Issues

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True Confessions of a Mom: I have addiction issues.


Hi, my name is Jennie, and I am an addict. A serious addict. I feel it is time to come clean and let everyone know about my addictions, because I hear the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. I am considering this my confession. To one and all. I have many addictions so to ease the overwhelming nature of this post; I will break them into individual addictions. Deep breathe, Jennie. You will get through this.


I am addicted to the sun. I guess if I am being honest it is tanning that I am really addicted to.


This was after a bright sunny day on a cruise and a sunburn to prove it……worth it? Yup!

Every possible moment I have, I sit in the sun. I would lay out on lunch breaks at work, and turn my face to the sun whenever possible during the day. Do I use SPF 50? Ummm…..that is for people under the age of 5. Do I use SPF 30? Heck no!!


Ahhh….the thin days. Are those black tights I am wearing?? Nope just a Coppertone SPF 7 tan.

I am not out to hurt the suns feelings. I mean the sun would be sad if I came outside all covered and then slathered sun repellant on my being. Like, hey sun, you’re ok and all, I just don’t want you too close to me. How rude would I be? To me, a reasonable SPF is 7. Totally being real with you all. I like to be brown as a berry and just feel better that way.


I am addicted to food. I am hungry just thinking of this comment. I love ALL food.


Last year was my first DQ experience……..oh man……it was everything I hoped for and more.

I love sweet, salty, savory, spicy…. I am equal opportunity on the food front. All gatherings center on food and all milestones are celebrated with it.


This was from a Valentines Day Dinner…but let’s be real, it could have been celebrating a Thursday for all I care.


I actually have been known to get a scowl across my face when something I am eating tasted REALLY good and it is almost gone. Like a real sadness that it is almost finished. (Don’t kid yourself….you have felt that way at least once in your life.)

It isn’t just that I am addicted to eating food; I am addicted to all things food related.


When this comes in the mail……leave me alone. It is just me and Bobby Flay.


I read food network magazine, cookbooks, watch cooking shows ( ok…I may have wanted to move to Oklahoma to be friends with the Pioneer Woman. It would be a fast friendship)   and have more recipes than any girl should. Don’t even get me started on the ice cream addiction… could have its own category. That is a true story.


I am addicted to QVC. This is a fairly new addiction, and like all new addictions I went at it full throttle. I knew I had a problem when I started referring to the hosts as my “friends”.


I didn’t buy this Kitchenaid Mixer because I already have one. I did, however, watch the full presentation as though I didn’t have one……I told you…..I have issues.

I have purchased my fair share of goodies since the first of the year. The happiness I feel when there is a pretty QVC package on the door stoop is indescribable. Now, this addiction in particular is in my blood. My grandmother LOVES QVC and I grew up with it.


Ok….I did buy this.

I will say they do their job well. I honestly feel that I NEED everything that is on!! I even installed a QVC app on my phone so I can watch live while out if Isaac Mizrahi (my favorite designer) happens to be on. Don’t judge me, I am a hot mess.


I am addicted to NOT exercising.  I DO NOT like to sweat. EVER. My hair does bad things, and I generally dislike being hot. My husband tried to go walking with me ONCE.


Note the flushed face. Why would anyone do this on purpose??? Look how my bangs are sweat stuck to my forehead. Gross.

He is Mr. Fit and was not walking at a pace I appreciated so I ended up getting slightly snippy. I mean, who tries to talk when you are exercising?? I was too busy making sure my heart was still beating to form a sentence!


The sign says WARNING: Cave tour is somewhat strenuous and should only be attempted by those in good health. Really???


Seriously, people….it was horrible. I ended up telling him to just leave me and I would meet up with him . In typical Jennie form, to get my point across (because the walk itself didn’t do it) I crawled across the grass, panting, declaring this would be our LAST walk together.


I am addicted to sleep. This one is serious people. Listen to me, when I wake up in the morning, my first thought is how many hours I have until I can climb back into bed.


Pure. Unadulterated. Happiness.


I love to be cozy under a blanket and take a nap, or climb into bed on a rainy Sunday afternoon for a snooze. I love my bed.   I love the feeling of cool sheets and the perfect pillow. I get angry inside if there is something happening on a Saturday that prevents me from sleeping in.


This is me being a sleep overachiever. I take great pride in a job well done.

I know they say 8 hours is optimal but I shoot for 9-10. I am a sleep overachiever. I mean, if I am going to commit to something, I am going to COMMIT!


So, what is my motivation in sharing this? Well I have decided I don’t want to be a wrinkled woman with skin cancer, who is overweight, with a shopping addiction and in bed all the time. This is not meant to make light of people addictions. I am saying that I get it. I may not be addicted to heroin or alcohol, and my addictions may be more socially acceptable, but they are just as detrimental to my health and budget!!  I will be doing a follow up blog on good things to be addicted to, so be on the lookout!!


September at Ross Insurance is going to be our Health and Wellness month. I am going to try to start getting some of these addictions under control between now and then and will update you in September how it is going. It is going to be an interesting ride for sure.   If you are interested in following the hysterical journey I am about to embark on, you can go to the private Facebook group called Jennie’s Journey (a voyage of hilarity and being real). You can follow what is going on with me, and take part yourself! You just need to request to be in the group and I will add you!  I guess I should start by deleting the QVC app from my phone…….ok…..maybe tomorrow. You can’t rush into these things.

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