A Guide to Facebook Updates: Part 4

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Facebook makes the headlines with its latest upgrade, the facial recognition feature. What this feature does is it identifies the faces in uploaded photos and suggests who to “tag” the photo as. Tagging a photo means that you have identified a person in a photo and “tagged” them so that all of their Facebook friends can see that they were tagged in your photo. With the newest upgrade, Facebook now suggests who the person is that you will be tagging. For instance, say that you are uploading a few pictures of yourself and your friend Joe. Once you have uploaded them onto your account you then have the ability to tag Joe in the photos so that all of his extended Facebook friends can see. Instead of typing in Joe’s name to tag him in the photo, Facebook has taken it upon themselves to suggest that the person in the photo with you is Joe based on other photos Joe is tagged in. The overall appeal to this new

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feature is that it saves a lot of time having to search through your friends and tag them on each photo. Now users can upload photos and tag their friends much quicker and easier. Unfortunately, a whole new set of concerns are rising from displeased Facebook users. The controversy is coming from a privacy standpoint and some users feel that having their photo suggested on Facebook is an invasion of their privacy. Maybe it’s because Facebook unofficially released the new photo tagging feature by implementing it with no introduction or explanation. There is an option for those who do not feel comfortable with this new technique so no need to delete your account just yet. Simply follow our step by step guidelines below to opt out of this feature. For those of you who like the idea but aren’t ready to try it out just yet, you can enable these settings at any time

– Click on Account in the upper right corner of your Facebook page.

– Choose Account Settings in the menu that drops down.

– Click on Manage in the Privacy field of your Account Settings page.

– At the bottom of the page, click on Customize Settings and once there, look for an option called Suggest photos of me to friends.

– Once you find the option, click on Edit Settings and turn the feature from Enabled to Disabled.

So there you have an explanation of the latest Facebook change. Be sure to check back on our blog for the latest updates for users on Facebook and don’t forget to follow Ross Insurance on Facebook to learn about local happenings and promotions!

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