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Social media has taken the world by storm in the last several years and Facebook in particular has managed to change the way of living. About seven years ago, Facebook was  created by several    individuals, Mark    Zuckerberg in particular, to  help mainly the college  communities of Boston  schools, such  as Harvard and Boston  University, keep in contact  with one another. This  would make it easier to  reconnect with friends, a  chance to meet new ones and above all see what everyone else was up to. Over the last few years, Facebook has expanded to be the greatest social network of its time. Having over 600 million active users, Facebook takes the cake on communicating through the internet era and has connected the world better than before. In its most recent form, almost every person has joined the Facebook network and log onto the network over 700 billion minutes per month. With so many users, Facebook has made some adjustments along the way to better suit each users individual style. Notice those banners along the sides of your Facebook page? Those banners are determined based on interests that you have indicated along the way of using Facebook and are put there to directly grab your attention. Having taken off on our “social media journey” over a year now, we find that keeping up with new regulations and rules of Facebook is a beneficial factor to any average Facebook user. Below are just a few recent changes that Facebook has made and how they affect you directly:

1-Questions: Just recently, Facebook launched a new way of reaching out to your fan base through posting a question as a status update. When selecting the question tab under your home viewing page, or from your profile, you have the ability to ask any question. Example: You want Chinese food for dinner, while your husband prefers to order a pizza. You turn to your Facebook friends and ask “Pizza for dinner or Chinese Food?” Based on your settings, your friends will be able to vote for which option they would choose and have the ability to fill in their own thoughts. The possibilities for questions are endless, though all are advised to keep them appropriate J

2-Photos: Browsing and uploading photo albums on Facebook just got a lot easier, and a lot better! Looking through your friend’s photo album on Facebook used to direct you to a new page for every picture that you viewed. This meant your webpage had to load the full page just to view one single photo which took up a lot of users time. Even uploading pictures was difficult only allowing you to upload one photo at a time. Good news is that with Facebook’s newly remodeled photo settings uploading photos take only a few short minutes and viewing photos keeps you on the same page that you first started. This means no more waiting for each image to load, and not having to lose your place online when looking through many photos at a time. Pretty convenient, huh?

Well, there you have it Facebookers, the most recent changes made to Facebook. Check back with us for the latest Facebook updates and don’t forget to follow Ross Insurance on Facebook for local promotions, the latest happenings and everything in between!

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