Good Morning!

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Good Morning!

I am currently in a training process.  This process is severe.  It is painstaking and not for the faint of heart.  Some could say it is similar to training for a marathon, others may say it is borderline heroic.  I can see how they may think that but really, I am just trying to be a morning person.

You see, I have never particularly been fond of mornings – mostly because I love sleep.  I love my comfy mattress and cozy duvet and get sad when we need to part ways. Every night I have the best of intentions.  I am going to get up and exercise.  MMmmHmm. Then the alarm goes off and I hit snooze exactly 4 times.  I have never been a great morning person.  Sleeping in is something I look forward to and count down the “work wake-ups” until Saturday morning.  When I was a teenager, like most teens of my generation, I would wake up on the weekend or during vacations in time to choose breakfast OR lunch.  Those were the days.

My husband is quite the opposite.  Raring to go by 6AM.  Bless him.  6AM is my morning potty break and then I am right back into my bed.  After a recent conversation with him I realized how much he was able to do while I was sleeping and a crazy idea popped into my head.  Maybe, just maybe, I should “try” getting up earlier.

Huh.  Interesting concept but would it work? I set out on a mission to see if the morning people really have it all together.  I had Jeremy set the alarm for 45 minutes earlier than normal (c’mon…cut me some slack…baby steps) and I dragged myself out of bed without hitting my beloved snooze.  I got immediately in the shower just so it would jolt me awake and I could be aware of the day and where I was.

That morning I was showered, made up, clothes laid out, bed made and coffee in hand by 7.  Just for comparison, I usually get out of bed around that time.  I had a little extra energy and was able to unload and reload the dishwasher.  Maybe there was something to this after all.

I am not saying I am an early riser convert.   I still love sleep and truly believe you should do what you love.  What I am saying is from time to time, I could maybe get out of bed a bit earlier….open the curtains and yell to the world,