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Flowers are in bloom and it’s time to break out the gardening tools and clear the area for new flowers to be planted. Perennials, trees, shrubs and cool weather vegetables and herbs are the popular seasonal things to plant. Here are a few different ways to help you get the lush garden you’ve been dreaming of:

  • Have a game plan before digging in. Making room for new plants is going to benefit you and you’ll have a better understanding of what you’re garden is going to look like. Choose like colors or shapes to balance your garden out, and plan on using space between your plants for any large growth or ornaments you might want to add later on.
  • Having patience with your garden is number one rule. Gardening takes time and it’s not about how fast your garden grows, its adding to it a little at a time and watching it blossom into your ideal garden. Gardening is a leisurely activity, not a sporting event so take your time and relax so that you can enjoy your garden each step of the way.
  • When first beginning your garden, you will need to invest in some good gardening tools and accessories that you will want to last. Tools, hoses and something to transport large supplies such as fertilizer can be found at your local hardware store and even in some grocery stores. Check the sales fliers for gardening sets, as they will often have discounts and sales for equipment so you don’t have to pay full price.
  • Once you have finished planting, revel in your accomplishment and enjoy your tranquil environment that you have created. After the planting is done, you will notice others taking interest in your sanctuary such as birds and butterflies. Other insects that can destroy plants will also be drawn in, but with routine maintenance and careful tending this can be avoided.

Gardening is a great way to get outside and to do something productive. You also gain a sense of accomplishment and you should feel accomplished because you have given back to your environment. It’s a great way to get the family involved and an even better way to get in touch with your roots.

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