Guest Blog-Laura Morris: Decisions for the New Year

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Guest Blog-Laura Morris: Decisions for the New Year


It is a New Year and many of us are thinking about our health. About 40% of Americans make a New Year’s Resolution, and only 8% achieve their resolutions. Many people make the resolution to lose weight and get healthy! We are in February and some of you may already be second guessing your efforts and wondering how you will stay on track. I have been a Family Nurse Practitioner for 11 years and I see people with full on dedication to health that come out of the woodwork once a year every year so I know that statistic is true. I am hoping to offer  you some tips to stay on track and make informed decisions to find “YOUR HEALTHY” and truly run your health.

  •  First is Identify your Goals. Sit down and think it out on paper. Be realistic on your strengths, hang-up’s and motivation.  If your goal is Weight Loss, write it down and how you are going to get there. For example say it is 20 pounds you want to release. Rather than focusing on 20 pounds why not start with scheduling what you will do that week, meal planning, exercise, water intake.  Get a calendar and write in your 3 workouts for the week and then plan them. This can be done for your meals, plan them and prep them. Focusing on how you will ROCK your goal will get you there faster.  Overall remember how long it took you to get where you are today and remind yourself that you did not get there overnight and that this is a Journey to health and do not be hard on yourself!
  • Surround yourself with positive like-minded people.  If you find others with your same vision you will feel more motivated and be better at making change. It is our choice how we live each dayf9bffabd44ca8045d33c29e5ae2dd7fb and we need to verbalize our choices. Negative Surroundings are full of unhealthy choices. Take a step back and look at those who are already healthy and positive or those who always support you and keep them in your life. If you feel you have no one, that is okay! Try meeting others in your next class at the gym, bank, and grocery store, church or at your kid’s sports or school! Reach out to others and share your story and WHY you are embarking on the journey of becoming healthy for life. Start talking about the changes you are making and how you are going to reach your goals and others will be interested. I guarantee you are not alone in your vision, by proclaiming your health you will attract like-minded people. Your mindset is key to your success and if you stay positive and enthusiastic you will not fail. Read and fill your mind with motivational quotes, watch motivational clips on you tube, listen to motivations podcasts and you will feel the change within you. You will soon exude positivity and motivation. Team up with others and you will be more likely to stay on track.
  • Choose your Vehicle- how are you going to reach your goals. There are many organized health programs and nutritional supplement company’s out there today. If you are going to follow a plan find the one that fits in with your goals.

Remember this process is not about perfection. Aim for 80% healthy and 20% free spirit. There is no Wagon to fall off of, If you choose a healthy lifestyle and not a diet then you are making change that will last not be a trend or temporary fix.

Soon your Goals will be reached and then you need to make the conscious decision to continue your healthy lifestyle, otherwise save this article and reread it on Jan 1, 2015 because you will need it.


Laura Morris is a Family Nurse Practitioner. Her business, Run Your Health, is designed to help people identify and reach their health goals using Isagenix. She is the mother to a childhood cancer survivor and a hockey player. Her hobbies include giving back to Baystate Children’s Hospital and Running for Griffins Friends. She graduated from Umass Amherst Family Nurse Practitioner program in 2002. You can check out her site at

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