Guest Blog-Trupanion Pet Insurance: 7 Indoor Activities for Bored Pets

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Guest Blog-Trupanion Pet Insurance: 7 Indoor Activities for Bored Pets

EnzoWinter is in full swing and it is below freezing in some parts of the country which means our pets are likely not getting outside as much as they would like to. Being cooped up inside can lead to boredom and possibly weight gain for our dogs and cats, but fortunately we can still entertain and exercise our pets without leaving the warmth and comfort of our home. Here are seven ways you can make winter more fun for you and your pet.

  1. Hide and seek – some pets are hunters by nature and enjoy the challenge of a good hide and seek game. Tell your pet to stay or have a friend or family member hold onto your furry friend while you go and hide. Once your pet is released, he’ll have the task of finding you, and the reward of love and kisses from his favorite human.
  2. Chase – Get your pet’s (and your) heart rate up by trotting around the house and having him chase you! If they aren’t inclined to chase, consider grabbing your pet’s favorite toy or treat to entice them to get up and move.
  3. Find the treat – There are many different types of puzzle toys for pets in which you can hide treats or you can hide your pet’s treats around the house. Your pet will enjoy looking for her reward.
  4. Fetch – If your pet enjoys a good game of fetch, engage your pet by gently tossing a toy or ball around the house. They will appreciate the exercise and the chance to take a break from their bed!
  5. Teach a new trick – The mental stimulation of learning a new trick is a great way to exercise your pet’s mind. While you stay indoors today, teach your pet a new trick!
  6. Spa day – You are inside anyway, so you may as well take care of what needs to be done. Get out the nail clippers, the shampoo, and the brush to give your pet a spa day. Having your pet freshly bathed and groomed will help you enjoy number 7 more.
  7. Watch a movie – Now is a great time to cuddle up with your pet and watch a pet-related movie. This is a great way to bond with your pet, plus she will enjoy receiving your love and attention.

Regardless which activity you choose, your pet will appreciate your time and attention while both of you are stuck indoors. So grab a toy, wake your pet from his afternoon snooze, and get playing!


523070_10101108384231018_10718056_61527260_726082637_n1-150x150Stacy Kowalchuk is a dog owner and pet blogger at Trupanion pet insurance. She has been writing pet-related blogs, tips, and articles for over 4 years and has owned dogs her entire life. 

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