Halfway Home Cat Rescue

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Halfway Home Cat Rescue

1513712_648599865197997_648772502_nIf you have been following Ross Insurance on our social media sites, then you know that we like to give our employees an opportunity to bring awareness to things that matter most to them. We love to get involved in the community and help out in any way we can so we are going to use the same approach this year.

For the month of February we will work to bring awareness to an organization that Michele Braidwood is involved with: Halfway Home Cat Rescue. Some of you might remember that last year we helped to raise awareness to Alpha Rescue. At the time, they were working to obtain a non-profit status and today they are officially a non-profit organization. In the process of doing so they also changed their name to Halfway Home Cat Rescue, we wrote a blog back in June that explains why.

Michele chose this organization again because she is not only an animal lover but she is also passionate about helping out animals in need. In addition to this, she is good friends with the three founders of Halfway Home Cat Rescue. Barb Herbert is the president, Robin Fiskaa is the Vice President and Meghan Boulais is Co-Vice President.

Halfway Home Cat Rescue is a non-profit kitty rescue and adoption group from Western Massachusetts. They are dedicated to saving the lives  abandoned animals. They 1544324_629088217149162_1037501478_nprovide a safe haven for these cats until a permanent home can be found. Halfway Home has a series of foster homes where their main intakes are pregnant cats, bottle babies and abandoned kittens. They place them in foster care, take them for spaying/neutering, bring them to get their appropriate shots, test for FIV and Leukemia and treat for worms and fleas. Once the kittens are ready for adoption there are adoption clinics every Sunday 10 a.m-1p.m at Petco in Enfield, CT.

To raise money throughout the year they hold various fundraisers. The next event is February 22nd, which is their Second Annual Spaghetti Supper at the Polish American Club in South Hadley. Their hope is to have a great turnout and raise more money than they did last year since they are a larger group now. It will be a fun night of food, raffle prizes and music. For tickets and more information call Robin at 413-237-6271.

Check out their Facebook page for more information.  Also, stay tuned for our blog next week which will explain the benefits of adopting a kitten from a rescue group and also, who to contact if you come across an abandoned cat.


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