Holiday Safety Tips for your Pets

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Holiday Safety Tips for your Pets


I’m sure you have seen many articles about home safety, fire safety, toy safety etc. since it is Christmas time. However, I have two cats at home and I find myself googling pet safety during the holidays. It is important to know what decorations can be dangerous to your furry friends. My cats seem to think the statues in the Christmas village and the ornaments on the tree are put there only for their enjoyment. I’m sure all pet owners have this same problem. Let’s take a look at what treats, plants and decorations can be dangerous to the pets in your life.

• Secure your Christmas tree tightly so it doesn’t tip and fall. Cats tend to climb up trees and dogs play around the tree; if it isn’t secure enough it can fall and hurt your pet, and also your ornaments!
• Keep your pets away from the tree water, cover it if possible. The tree water has bacteria in it and can cause diarrhea or nausea. 51d220aa7639455fc0b09a74472025fa
• If you are a cat owner, stay away from tinsel! Cats love tinsel since it is sparkly and easy to bat around, however, it can be very dangerous to them. If they swallow tinsel, it can lead your cat to have an obstructed digestive tract, severe vomiting, and possible surgery. In this case, it is best to have a “tinsel-less town”!
• For both cats and dogs, holly and mistletoe can be very harmful and even deadly. Stick to artificial plants or choose a pet-safe bouquet.
• Don’t leave lighted candles unattended. Not only is this crucial to yours and your homes safety, your pet might be tempted to knock the candle over.
• Make sure wires and glass ornaments are out of paws’ reach. Pets are tempted to chew on wires which will not only break your lights, they can also harm your pet. Glass ornaments should be hung high enough so there is no temptation.
• If you are hosting Christmas or New Years at your house, give your pet their own quiet space to retreat to. If there is a full house they may become frightened so it is important they feel safe and have a space to go to if needed.

I hope these tips help you and your furry friends to have a wonderful Christmas!

Below: My cat Raja!

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