How to Get Organized for the New Year!

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How to Get Organized for the New Year!

January is “National Get Organized Month”. That seems appropriate considering it is one of the top ten New Year’s resolutions that Americans make each year. It’s easy to say “I want to be more organized this year”, however; many of us don’t know exactly where to start. Good Housekeeping posted a list of 52 ways to keep your home organized, I took 5 important tips to share with you.

Coat Storage: Many of us (including myself) are guilty of walking in the house and putting our coats down on a chair or the couch. Place coat racks or hooks on the wall right next to the door and make it a habit to hang your coat up as soon as you walk in.

“Junk Drawers”: I have about 3 Junk drawers in my house that papers and items end up getting thrown into. Last week I cleaned out those junk drawers and it made a huge difference. First, clear out the desired drawer and throw away any unnecessary items. Next, decide what the purpose of each drawer will be, don’t make it another junk drawer because the same thing will happen. Lastly, portion off the drawers to keep things neat.

Mail: It’s easy to grab the mail and throw it on the counter to look at later. However, the mail sometimes ends up staying there longer then it was intended to, which causes clutter. In your entryway or kitchen hang a wood or metal wall file to place the mail in or use a mini tray or bin to keep on the counter.

Dresser Tops: Keep the tops of your dressers as neat as possible. Usually, women want to keep makeup or jewelry on them for easier access while getting ready. Whatever is on top of the dresser should be self-contained. Jewelry should be kept in a jewelry box and cosmetics should be in a makeup bag or drawer.

Bathing and Hair Care Products: Organize these essentials in a wire or plastic storage container that hangs on your shower head. Otherwise, they will clutter up the edges of the tub. Many of them are large enough to fit hair care products, body wash, loofahs and any other personal care products.  Make sure to choose one with the features that match the way you shower, if you use bar soap then choose a unit that has a soap dish.

These tips might sound simple but it’s important to take the time to do them. De clutter your life one day at a time and you will be sure to feel more organized as each day goes by.

To view the complete list of 52 Home Organizing Tips head to:

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  1. Organize your drawers with these drawer inserts for your vanity drawers, cutlery drawers, flatware drawers, the “junk drawer” or just about any other drawer.

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