How to prevent freezing pipes this winter

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How to prevent freezing pipes this winter

With these freezing temperatures that we have been having lately I wanted to share with you some facts about freezing pipes and also how to prevent your pipes from freezing. This is something that many people forget about during the winter season; however, frozen pipes can lead to them bursting which will cause much damage to your home.

Let’s start off with the facts…

• Frozen pipes are one of the biggest risks of property damage in the winter.
• 37% is the amount of frozen pipe failures that occur in a basement.
• A frozen pipe can lead to pipes bursting which results in more than $5,000 in water damage.
• An average of a quarter –million families have their homes ruined each winter due to pipes freezing and bursting.
• Pipe insulation can cost as little at 50 cents per linear foot, which can help prevent your pipes from freezing.

How to prevent this…

• When the weather is very cold outside, let water drip from the faucet served by exposed pipes. It only has to be a little trickle of water.
• Open cabinet doors to allow heat to get to pipes that are under sinks.
• If you are going on vacation this winter make sure to leave heat on in your home, set a temperature to no lower than 55 degrees.

Check out the video below for more information on how to prevent freezing pipes while away on vacation.

If you do end up with a burst pipe, you can make a claim on your homeowner’s insurance policy. But remember that prevention is the best thing you can do. Call us with any questions about how to prevent frozen pipes this winter.

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