Is It Fall Yet?

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As summer reaches its peak it is becoming more evident that us New Englander’s cannot rely on the ever changing weather. From scattered thunderstorms to black outs lasting for hours, we are expected to prepare for bad weather even if the forecast calls for clear skies. Have you tried preparing for dinners in advance and then find that it is too hot to even be in the kitchen, never mind cook? Or planned on a nice relaxing night at home watching a movie and then the power goes out for hours on end? We understand that weather can be unexpected so here are just a few ways to enjoy the weather, and rough out the black outs as summer begins to tone down and fall makes its way back into our lives.

When dealing with a black out:

-Contact your local electric company when the power goes out to notify them of the power outage in your neighborhood. If you receive an estimated wait time you can better prepare your night.

-Bring in solar lights that you might have in your garden or lighting up pathways outside your home. These lights will have enough energy to last you through the night or until your power gets turned back on.

-Limit opening the fridge or freezer to keep the cool air in. Eat things like ice cream and yogurt if you wish, or else those items may have to be thrown out otherwise.

If you want to enjoy a delicious dinner without heating the kitchen:

Stir fry or stove top meals are easy and fun to cook. Using fresh seasonal veggies can help your local farmer and can be bought for almost half the price of grocery store veggies. Fresh out of stir fry ideas? Here is one that will bring in all of the colors that summer veggies can offer.

-Crock pot roasts are perfect for getting your comfort food fix without heating up the whole kitchen. You can prepare them in the morning and let them cook through out the day, and the best part is there is only one pot that will need to be cleaned! Love the concept of crock pots but need a starting point? Try out this recipe and revel in the tastes of hard work without all of the heat.

-Take advantage of your grill. Using a grill, whether it is a counter top or an outside grill, brings in a smoky flavor to your meal without having to use any spices. It is also a healthy way of locking in flavors of veggies and meats. Try this recipe to lock in some of those great flavors into your summer veggies using aluminum foil, which can be thrown away after you’ve eaten dinner.

We all know that the summer can be unbearable in New England, but we also know that nice weather is not going to last much longer. It’s important to get fruits and veggies while they are in season as during winter they are more expensive and do not taste as good when their growing peak is in nicer weather. Above all try and stay cool and take advantage of nights that are not as hot.

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