Jessica’s Boundless Playground

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In recent news, the students of Belchertown teamed together from grades K-12 and set out to break the world record for the largest Twister game board played ever on June 18th 2010. Rallying for a good cause, raffle tickets were sold in advance in the exchange of purchasing a brick to build a new playground walkway in Chestnut Hill Community School of  Belchertown, MA. All efforts were made in recognition of Jessica Martins, who was a 2009 graduate of Belchertown High School and lost her life at the age of 19 to Rett Syndrome.

Rett Syndrome is the loss of normal movement and coordination, potential loss of communication and thinking abilities and a series of unusual body movements including seizures. Although Jessica was confined to a wheelchair, she was known for her high spirits and her love to ride horses and very much enjoyed swimming. She proved that she was not going to let her syndrome control her life as she continued to do the things that she loved. Jessica was the perfect example of what Boundless Playgrounds are about, as she proved that she was not going to stop her life and let her condition control her as she continuously sought the positive in a new day. A Boundless Playground is a uniquely built series of structures and surfaces that let children and adults of all abilities enjoy. These playgrounds are ADA certified and designed so that disabled veterans, disabled citizens, and the elderly can join in and enjoy what these playgrounds have to offer. These types of playgrounds are not only raising popularity but are raising funds for a great cause in a great honor.

Students of the Belchertown schools were all encouraged to take part in the ceremony where over 1,800 individual Twister mats had been taped together for the event. One of our agents here at Ross, Melissa Bail had the insider point of view as her son Zac was one of the few left standing when the game had ended. The game was the perfect way to jump start the ongoing fundraiser for the Boundless Playground and it was an obvious choice to Playground Committee Chairman Michael Seward, in naming it after Jessica.  The support of the community was particularly moving to Jessica’s mother, Vicky Martins, who said that “It’s amazing that she touched so many people’s lives”. When the family had first moved to Belchertown, many of the local businesses were not wheel chair accessible including banks, libraries and churches. Donor recognition in brick form is the most personalized and permanent form of donations that can be made as it will contribute to the beauty that embodies Jessica’s Boundless Playground.

Interested in donating, or want to know more about Jessica’s Boundless Playground? Click here to read more and to make a brick donation.

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