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As we all know, the society around us is always looking for ways to technologically advance. From the way we communicate with each other, the way that we take care of ourselves even down to the way that we travel. We have made technological leaps and bounds in all of these areas, but there are still people who have not yet jumped onboard with the technology. Take the Massachusetts Turnpike for instance, several years ago the Massachusetts Turnpike introduced what we know today as the “FASTLANE”, which helps motorists drastically decrease the time spent waiting for toll collectors. Even with the added incentive of less waiting time, some drivers still prefer the traditional toll collection method, even though in some cases the FASTLANE can actually save you money! Haven’t tried the FASTLANE yet and want to know more? Continue reading to find out all you need to know about FASTLANE.

FASTLANE is MassDot’s Electronic Toll Collection Program and operates on the entire Massachusetts Turnpike. Instead of pulling through to the traditional toll collecting booths, the FASTLANE’s transponder recognizes the device you attach on the inside of your windshield and processes your toll payment through the option you chose when you registered for the service. This means that the time you would normally spend waiting in line to pay tolls has drastically decreased to simply slowing down when passing through the FASTLANE so that the transponder recognizes your receiver. Different payment options are available after you open your account. Two of the most popular options are the pre-payment in which you assign your FASTLANE account to a credit card for the initial $20 start up cost, or to automatically have it deducted from a checking account. With the pre-payment option, tolls will be automatically deducted from the initial $20 start up cost until the account reaches below the balance of $10. When your account has reached below $10, the credit card is automatically charged to bring the balance back up to $20 to ensure that you have already paid for the FASTLANE service before passing through. You can monitor your account through their online service, contacting their customer service department or have monthly statements sent to you by mail. There are even added incentives of toll discounts when using the Allston-Brighton toll, the Sumner and Ted Williams tunnels, and the Tobin Memorial Bridge. Program members may also qualify to receive the Massachusetts Personal Income Tax Commuter Deduction. To set up a FASTLANE account, click here to be directed to their signup page.

Thanks to the FASTLANE, the Massachusetts Turnpike has helped motorists get to where they need in a much faster way. No matter what toll collection method you are using, it is very important to slow down to the posted speed limit to decrease the risk of an accident occurring. Exit ramps are known for crowded cars and lines of traffic, so it is wise to be extra cautious when exiting off of any traffic ramp to reduce the risk of a car accident. In the event of an accident however, contact one of our agents today where we are glad to assist you in all of your insurance needs

Still looking for answers about life in the FASTLANE? Click here for a full list of frequently asked questions or call them toll free at 1-877-627-7745.

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