Money Makeover

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Money Makeover

I like to spend money.  I love getting packages in the mail and trying on new clothes.  There is one problem, though.  I have no money.  My husband calls me the “richest poor person he knows” and that is accurate.  He has been trying to get us on the same page about spending for a while. Either he is saving and I am spending…or he is saving and I am spending. Yeah, that isn’t a typo, it just so happens it is usually me that is the “money free spirit” and he is the money gestapo.

We recently had an opportunity to join a Dave Ramsey financial class at a church and I decided it was time I started being a little less free.  We didn’t know many people there but that didn’t stop us.  In no time at all it felt like they were all our friends and in the same boat we were in.  We went home to do our homework and this is where the nice class turns into torture.  We were supposed to do, wait for it, brace yourselves… a budget.  I was thinking “what is this budget thing?”  Jeremy explained it to me and I instantly hated it.  I have never hated a word more in my life.

I had to take a moment and get my heart right because I knew this was the best thing for our family but man, I really wasn’t liking where this was going.  The turning point for me was when we added up how much money I spent a month in just debit card purchases not including groceries.  I was floored. It was a mortgage payment.  Mindless coffees here and shirts there and nails getting done now and again.  It was BAD.

In that moment I realized that it was the right time for this money makeover.  The goal of this whole program is to save an emergency fund, then pay off ALL YOUR DEBT and then there is more but I don’t know what it is and I may be dead before I get to it.  Once I stopped using my debit card altogether we were able to start banking money for our emergency fund.  Who knew?

This program has been teaching us so much and making us more conscience about what we buy.  I am so grateful for it! Saving money has never been easy for me but my head is wrapped around it and I am on board! No one is free when they are weighed down with debt!

What are some of your money saving tips?  Share them with me!  I could definitely use them!