New Alert System

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Are you the type of person who needs to be “in the know” with what is going on in your neighborhood? Those who reside in Holyoke are currently taking part in the city of Holyoke’s newest alert system. Swift911 is an alarm system that makes phone calls to a specific area or people in the event of an emergency. Street closings, parking bans or water main flushing are examples of different types of emergencies that residents will be notified about. This is proving to be useful to those who have places to be and need to find alternative routes before hand. The main objective of this new system is to provide quick and reliable communications with residents and businesses in the City of Holyoke. The calls that you receive will have the Caller ID of City of Holyoke. For those of you who wish not to receive a phone call, there are other options available for receiving emergency alerts through text messages or email. If you reside in Holyoke, and have not yet received any of these phone calls you can simply fill out a form here to update or add your current contact information. Those uncomfortable using such a service can call (413) 322-5645 and information will be taken over the phone. Not from Holyoke? Check within your town or community to see if they have a currently have a similar program, most towns have a functioning website or can be reached by telephone.

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