New Heat Law in Effect

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The state of Massachusetts has a new law that will address oil leaks from home heating systems. By July 1, 2010 your home heating system must meet the standards of the new law. Owners of 1-to4- unit residences that use oil heating must install an oil safety valve or a supply line with a protective sleeve if not done so already. Updating your heating system equipment will lead to the prevention of leaks from pipes and tanks connecting to your furnace. Even a “simple leak” could cost up to $15,000, where this installation ranges from the $150-$350 price range. Financial assistance is available to those who meet the income criteria and can be assisted up to $300 of the installation costs. Those whose oil burner is located above the storage tank and the entire supply line is connected to and above the tank are exempt. Also those who installed an oil safety valve or protective sleeve for the oil supply line on or after January 1, 1990 are exempt. Considering insurance is another good example of how to protect your home if a leak were to occur. To be eligible for new insurance coverage, heating systems must comply with the new law. Click here to find more information on the matter and see where your heating system stands

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