O’ Christmas Tree: 4 Steps To Safety

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Decorating for the Holiday season is a worldwide tradition that many still incorporate into their holiday routine. However, with these added decorations comes added responsibility as a homeowner. Below are a few ways to ensure your holiday is merry this season:

1.-Decorating your Christmas tree with strings of lights is one of the first things people do to decorate. Throughout the years these lights need to be replaced. Throw away damaged light sets, or sets that appear to have broken or cracked sockets or loose connections and never use electric lights on a metallic tree.
2.-When purchasing a real tree be sure to check that the tree is fresh by testing out the needles on the branches. They should not break when bent between your fingers. Dry trees are more likely to catch fire.
3.-If purchasing an artificial tree be sure to look for the label “Fire Resistant”. This label does not mean that the tree will not catch fire, but that it is more resistant to catching fire.
4.-Lighting candles and the fireplace can add that extra warming atmosphere but be sure to keep burning candles away from items that could catch fire such as hanging stockings or decorations. Be sure to extinguish all flames before you leave the room or the house.

In the event that a fire does occur in your household this holiday season your homeowner policy will cover the costs of damages and repair. Contact any of our agents and they would be glad to assist you in filing a claim and answering any questions you may have. Have a safe and happy holiday this year from everyone here at Ross Insurance!

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