Opening Your Pool

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Warm weekends are paradise for any hard worker and what better way to relax than next to an inviting pool. Memorial weekend is one of the biggest times to open up pools but there are a few things that need to be done before you can dive in.
Depending on how you closed your pool for the winter can be the determining factor on how long it will take to get it up and running again. Before heading to your local pool store it’s best to inspect your pool equipment for damages. This way bringing in any broken hoses, clamps skimmer baskets, gaskets and o rings will be easier to replace when the salesperson can direct you to exactly what you are looking for. You can also pick up your chemicals and any luxury floats, but there is still plenty of work to be done before you’ll be lounging in the sun.
Clearing off the top of your cover is your first priority. Water has probably accumulated on the top of your pool cover over the months along with leaves and twigs. Any leaf rake can do the job just fine. Once the cover is cleared you can then begin to take it off. Before storing your cover for summer, make sure to scrub it clean of any algae and store it in a place where it is less likely to get damaged.
Next are the attachments of plugs, valves, fittings and o-rings and the removal of any freeze plugs that were blocking the hose openings. You can begin to add water to the pool and start re-circulating water to check for leaks around the pumps and hoses. This brings the water levels up high enough to remove and debris that is floating. Most pool vacuums come with a scrubbing broom attachment that will help you get the debris stuck at the bottom and sides of your pool. It is also important to remember to open all of the valves so that you flood the hoses to prime your pools pump.
After you’ve removed all of the debris from your pool you’ll need to check your filter. Depending on which model you have cleaning can vary so it’s best to refer to your owner’s manual before doing so. Your pool is now ready to be shocked, and depending on the color of water can depend on how much shock you’ll need. Bringing in a sample of water to your pool store can benefit your process as a specialist can direct you to chemicals to match your pools needs. Re-circulate the waters and continue to test the levels and any pool store can analyze a small sample right in the store for you.
After monitoring the colors and testing the levels of your water and confirm that it is ready for swimming, you are now finally able to get away in the luxury of your own backyard. Enjoying your pool while regulating rules around the pool area will help to minimize injury.

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