Organizing Your Home Office

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Organizing Your Home Office

At the beginning of the year, it’s normal to want to start fresh and get a jump start on your goals. When you work from home that fresh start begins with an organized office. Make sure you can focus on your work and not on the stacks of clutter around you. Here are a few tips to get your home office and your home-based business on track for the year ahead.

Declutter and Clean

Surrounded by stacks of paper? Terrified of a leaning pile that might bury you at any moment? Now is the time to purge the paper, clean the mess, and find a home for everything in your office. File or shred all your paperwork. Go paperless as much as possible to avoid creating mounds of paperwork later. When you finish for the day, clean up whatever small mess you’ve made so you prevent big messes and clutter that need to be cleaned later.

Keep Like Things Together

An organizational hack that makes finding things – and putting them away – a breeze is to keep all of your like things together. Create a printer station so that you can find your paper, toner, and other supplies easily. Put all of your writing tools together in the same spot. Have a file or tray for everything to do with your budget and finances, including your mail. If you know where everything should be, it’s easier to put it back when you’re done.

Create Binders

Sometimes you can’t go completely paperless, no matter how hard you try. To combat the stacks of paper, set up a binder that holds the paperwork and information for a single topic. Color code it if you’d like but keep it on a shelf so it’s easily accessible when you need to access the information or add to it. What kinds of binders can you create?

  • Medical information
  • Pet information
  • Automobile – including insurance information
  • House – including insurance information
  • Personal Information
  • Business information – including insurance information

Put Your Books Away

Add some shelves to your walls or invest in a bookcase to give your books a proper home. You’ll feel more organized and give yourself space to move around in your office. Place them on the shelf by topic or in alphabetic order by author. But if you want to add a little decorative flare, you can also organize them by the color of their covers for a nice rainbow effect.

Use Your Wall Space

Even if your home office is a little on the small side, you might have more space than you realize especially if you think vertically. Add shelves to the walls, cork boards, and even white boards to help organize your files, your stuff, and your thoughts. You may even find that you’re able to focus better with your ideas or reminders right in front of you on the wall instead of scattered around your desk.

Check Your Insurance

Before you file away any documents related to your insurance or your home-based business, check your Massachusetts homeowners insurance policy. If you work from home exclusively, you may need a business insurance policy that includes general liability, business property, professional liability, and even commercial automobile insurance. For anyone who simply stores inventory in your home, your homeowner’s insurance policy may not be enough to cover major damage or a total loss. You may need additional coverage specifically for your inventory.

Once you’re sitting in your freshly organized office, contact us at Ross Insurance to go over your insurance options. Whether you’re working full-time from home or doing a little side work, your business needs to be covered.