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Swimming is a popular activity for most children to do in the summer. However, sadly I have been hearing more and more about young children drowning. These stories are mostly due to parents not using the right precautions when a child is around or in the pool. A couple of fast facts:

  • Drowning is the leading cause of injury and death for children ages 1-4.
  •  75% of deaths include children under the age of 5.
  •  67% of deaths are between ages 1-3.

Where do these happen?

  • 44% Home
  • 23% Family/ Friends Home
  • 18% Public Pools
  • 9% Undisclosed location
  • 6 % Neighbors Home

These statistics can be a bit shocking and scary, especially to a parent with a young child. However, there are a couple of safety tips to prevent something like this from happening.

  •  Assign a “water watcher”- a responsible adult or teenager.
  •  Keep your eyes on young children at all times.
  • Have a fence around your pool and a gate with a lock. Keep the gate locked when you are not using the pool area.
  •   Have your child attend swimming lessons from a young age.
  •   Learn CPR in case of an emergency.
  •  Stay within arm’s reach of young children when they are in or near the water.
  •  Install a pool alarm.
  •  Have your child wear “floaters” on their arms until they are an appropriate age.


To learn more about pool safety head to: Poolsafely.gov

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