Rental Car Insurance: Do You Really Need it?

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When your daily routine has you wanting an escape from reality, you’ll need to consider more than just where you’ll go but how you are going to get around. When flying into a different city you usually have one of two options, to take public transportation or to rent a vehicle. Public transportation can be a cheaper alternative but planning your vacation around the schedule of others can have you factoring in late arrivals and delays. Creating your own agenda so that you can go at your own pace is one advantage that renting a vehicle has. When renting however, there are many options to consider other than which type of vehicle you’ll want to drive around in. Most rental places offer an auto insurance package but consulting with one of our agents beforehand could save you the hassle and cost of additional coverage. Most auto insurance policies will cover you wherever you go. When dealing with an accident in another city or state your current auto insurance will first come into play. Whatever costs are left after your current coverage does its part is where your rental car insurance would pick up. Depending on the circumstances your current policy could cover the entire expense, meaning you’ve purchased unnecessary coverage.  Even just a small daily charge of $10- $15 can add up even if the duration of your stay is short. Finding out the facts before taking off can give you more than just insight, but money in your pocket

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