Rules of The Road!

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Did you know that motorists and bicyclists have the same rules for the road? Many people are unaware that these two must “share the road” but also share the same rules. When it comes to living in New England think of all of the overpopulated cities that have bicyclists and motorists fighting for who has more authority over major roads and lanes of traffic. From Northampton, to Springfield and even all the way out in Boston, we have a large amount of people who are now using bicycles as their means of transportation. For example, the debate over bikers not remaining in their lanes or the question of whether or not they are on the sidewalk are two prime examples of why some accidents seem to occur. The bike lane is meant to keep motorists out for the safety of the bicyclist, as obviously an auto mobile poses as a greater threat with its significantly larger size. The lane does not however mean that bicyclists must remain inside. Also, the reason why bikers are not on the sidewalks is that in some cities it is actually illegal for bicyclists to be on the sidewalk. Think of the risks involved when a bicyclist is driving down the sidewalk. There are people they must weave through to get around, the threat of doors constantly opening from vendors and even cars, the change of foundation beneath them as the sidewalk dips down for handicap access and list continues on. One piece of advice for bicyclists however is, that if they are going to ride with traffic, they should adhere to the same rules such as  using turn signals, and stopping at stop signs and red lights to remain with the flow of traffic. The advantages of stopping when cars do, is that bicyclists have a better feel for their environment and this gives them opportunity to catch their breath. Want to know more “Rules of The Road”? Check out the official Same Roads, Same Rules campaign and be kind to your fellow road mates!

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