Save Me From Grocery Store Rage!

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Save Me From Grocery Store Rage!

I know a lot of people that have road rage.  I am one of those people and even wrote a blog post about it.  It is something I struggle with, and I admit it.  What I am about to admit to you is a different kind of rage that I deal with.  One that is inevitable and concerning.  Maybe you struggle as well.  What is this new rage?  It is GSR or more commonly known in my home as Grocery Store Rage.  It causes lots of eye rolling, mumbling, and saying to yourself on repeat “SERIOUSLY?

Grocery Stores are a melting pot of people that are either walking aimlessly with no real agenda or they are in a race with the person they walked in behind to get out first.  Somehow all sense of decency and manners is immediately lost when one enters the grocery store.  I have put together some “rules,” more like guidelines, to keep others from wanting to ram you with their carriage.  Now, I do consider myself an expert in this area based on how often I am actually at the store during the week so please head my advice.

Rule#1: Treat the end of an aisle like a street that has a stop sign.  This is big, people.  You are entering traffic here.  Stop with your carriage and make sure you aren’t about to plow into people walking by.  Think road rules.  Use them.  It avoids getting dirty looks.

Rule#2:  Please don’t park your carriage in front of products and be on your phone.  I have needed a particular salad dressing before and had to stand and listen to a lady talk to her Aunt Faith about her upcoming dentist appointment.  Listen, if you aren’t talking about whether Ken’s or Hidden Valley makes the better Ranch dressing, remove yourself from the aisle.

Rule #3:  Take an inventory in the car before you get in the store.  Make sure you have your reusable bags, shopping list, coupons and ANYTHING ELSE that could possibly be needed at anytime in the store, but most importantly at check out.  There is nothing worse than waiting for someone to “just run out to the car and get my coupons.”  No. Not happening. I will pay the $3.35 you could’ve saved.

Rule#4:  Be patient during the work day rush hour and holidays.  These times are notorious for having more customers than cashiers and people are usually edgy.  Just walk in with the mind set that you are going to have to wait.  No one needs a bad attitude.

Rule#5: Please don’t let your child pretend they are swimming in the ocean while laying in the middle of a grocery store aisle.  I get it.  Everyone is tired and you are at the end of your rope and little Johnny is happy and quiet and you can actually THINK about what you need.  HOWEVER all that ends when I don’t see little Johnny backstroking on the floor and accidently step on his finger.  Now he is crying and I am crying and you are crying and everything is awful.

We all have to grocery shop.  It is a necessary evil, because, well, we like to eat.  A little bit of common courtesy goes a long way.  If you aren’t receiving any – be the one to give it.  You never know who it will rub off on.