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Summer is the perfect time for road trips. Whether you going a short 2 hours away or a 20 hour trip, there is always a worry on everyone’s mind…gas money. In addition to planning your expenses for your actual trip, you have to take into account gas money too. With prices constantly rising, this can be frustrating. However, there are some gas saving strategies that could save you money while traveling this summer!

1. Alternate between air conditioning and rolling the windows down. Use air conditioning on the highway, but roll the windows down around town. Air conditioning uses a significant amount of gas. However, having your windows down at a high speed also does and can be uncomfortable.

2. Keep your tires inflated. Not only should you for obvious car care and safety reasons, it also can improve fuel economy by 3.3%.

3. Turn off your engine when necessary. Turn it off when your car is parked. Letting the engine idle as you sit in the parking lot wastes gas. Roll the windows down and turn your car back on when you are ready to leave.

4. Keep up with your car’s maintenance. Keeping your engine tuned and your emission system in shape can increase fuel economy by 4%.Fixing problems such as an oxygen sensor increases fuel economy by a high number of 40%!

5. Don’t strap cargo to the roof. Although I know sometimes you cannot avoid this when traveling, the aerodynamic drag can lower your cars fuel by a large amount. So if you can, keep the luggage inside your car.

6. Use the recommended grade of motor oil for your car. Using the correct type of oil not only helps with your fuel, it also preserves the performance of your car.

7. Drive slower. Anytime a car is moving faster than 50 mph it decreases your fuel economy. I’m not saying to go slower then you should on the highway, however, do not speed and go slower when you can. This also reduces your risk of getting pulled over on your way to vacation!

If you follow these simple tips, it’s a huge step in the right direction to saving gas. You wouldn’t want to end up spending most of your money on gas. Last but not least…have a safe and fun road trip!

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