Simple Metabolism Boosting Secrets

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Simple Metabolism Boosting Secrets

shutterstock_74824129September is “National Self Improvement Month” and even if we are not necessarily back to school, our bodies and minds may still feel that back to school feeling now that it’s September. If you’re like me, then fall means it’s time to start eating healthy again, after all of those summer cookouts. Here are some simple secrets on how to boost your metabolism in order to lose that extra “burger and hot dog weight”.

  • waterDrink Water! This is probably one of the easiest tips. Water hydrates you which will allow your metabolism to run the way it should. Ideally you should drink at least eight glasses a day.
  • Calories- it’s important that you don’t overdo the calories but you should also eat enough. Eating too little in a day slows down your metabolism by 45%.
  • No more processed foods- packaged cheese and deli meats contain salts and other unhealthy ingredients that make your body work harder to keep your metabolism in line. Stick with the meats and the cheeses that are fresh from the deli.
  • Keep your muscles moving- not only does lifting weights burn calories but bodies with lean muscle burns calories faster.
  • Cardio- make time for some daily cardio, whether it’s for 10 minutes or an hour. Any cardio will help with keeping your metabolism in line.
  • Add green tea into your daily diet. Whether it is iced or hot, it is proven to spike your metabolism.
  • Spice up your life! Foods that contain hot spices have been proven to kick your metabolism into high gear.
  • Be careful with the carbs. Pick the right choices when it comes to carbs such as wheat bread, whole-grain pasta or brown rice.
  • Get plenty of sleep. This may be a surprising one but getting seven to eight hours or sleep each night keeps your metabolism in check because you don’t crave as much caffeine or junk food the next day.

As long as you maintain the above secrets, you will be sure to speed up your metabolism. Try it out….now is the perfect time for self-improvement month!


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