Simplify Your Life!

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Simplify Your Life!

simplify-1The first week of August is “National Simplify Your Life Week”.  For all you homeowners out there this might sound like music to your ears. If your home is cluttered it will make your life seem more chaotic.   Who couldn’t use some tips to help organize your home so your life can run smoothly. Women’s Day magazine  came out with a list of 100 ways to get organized. I took out some of the most helpful tips and added a couple of my own to share with you.

These days we usually have about five remotes for one living room. A small basket on the coffee table keeps the remote controls from slipping between sofa cushions also makes it look cleaner!

  • Have a two-compartment hamper in the kids rooms (and yours) so they can sort lights from darks when they undress. This is making laundry much easier for you and it also teaches them and gives them some responsibility.
  • Post several weekly dinner menus on the fridge and alternate among them for easier grocery shopping and meal planning. A white board is a fun and efficient way to do this.
  • Pretty much every home that I have been to has a bunch of cookbooks, that let’s face it we usually don’t end up using. Go through the books and photocopy your favorite recipes then slip them in sheet protectors inside a binder.
  • Take two minutes each morning to make a morning checklist; kids aren’t the only ones who forget things when they’re in a rush.
  • Organize future events with a monthly accordion file. Put birthday cards, directions to a baby shower, a note to check on furniture deliveries, even vacation brochures in the appropriate months.
  • Are you a fan of renting RedBox movies but always seem to forget to return them the next day? I’m guilty of this also, but fix this by hanging a bag on your door and after you finish the movie put it right in the bag.
  •  Create a Receipt Depot: a folder near the door that everyone drops receipts into as they come home.

I hope these tips will help to simplify your life…not just for this week but for the future! While you’re simplifying your life, take a minute and call your insurance agent and review your insurance coverage. Now is the time before you have a claim!

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