Summer Safety Blog Series Part 2

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With June being National Safety Month we decided to create our Summer Safety Blog Series to help educate those of ways to reduce the risk of injury or an accident occurring. This week’s topic shows you how to incorporate safety as a motorist in the state of Massachusetts.

Massachusetts motorists may be more familiar with the many different techniques used to drive through New England’s notorious weather. Everything from black ice to hot spots, New England driving is put to the test everyday. The summer season, also known as vacation season, is a perfect opportunity to take a vacation away from home and it seems that everybody shares the same interest. Before you pack up the car and take off, it is important to evaluate the condition of your car. Consider this a “pre trip inspection”.

-Checking important things such as the brake pads, batteries and battery cables, tire pressure and the engine, help you to keep track of things that are necessary for a car to operate. By checking these types of things, you find what you might need to repair or replace and will reduce the risk of your car breaking down en route to your vacation.

-You can also create a maintenance kit, including jumper cables, paper towels, heavy duty work gloves, emergency flares and a gallon of water (to refill the coolant tank if your car overheats), to help should the chance of your battery dying or a flat tire (refer to our How To Change a Flat Tire blog 🙂 ) or for any other unexpected car problem that may arise.

-If you are still in the beginning stages of planning your vacation, consider reviewing your current Massachusetts auto insurance policy to see which areas of coverage you currently have. The coverage that you chose when you first purchased insurance for your auto may need to be adjusted to meet your specific needs as of today. Contact one of our agents today at 413-536-8380 to review your current policy and be sure to check back for more on our Summer Safety Blog Series!

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