Summer Survival Tips

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Now that the month of July has passed, that means there is only one month remaining until school is back in session. If you have run out of ideas to keep your kids entertained and out of trouble, take a look at our summer survival guide. Our guide will highlight some activities and events that are fit for the entire family for the month of August.


-Keep them cool- When the temperatures rise, options to stay cool can seem limited. There are a great deal of options to cool off other than just jumping into a swimming pool. Take advantage of your local library. Libraries are free to enter and often provide air conditioning. Some libraries even have a designated “kids zone” that offers story time, computer time and in some areas arts and crafts. Check your local newspaper or stop in at your local library to see what type of events they are running during the summer.


-Keep them entertained– If the words “I’m bored” have become a regular phrase in your household it is time to explore some new options. Turn off the television and crank up the music and encourage your kids to copy your dance moves. You can take turns on who leads the pack and change the radio station to switch up the beat. Being active for a few minutes a day has shown to boost moods and metabolisms- something that everyone can benefit from!




-Let them explore- Take a look around your house and find some regular house hold items that serve a dual purpose. Those old toilet paper tubes? Turn them into music instruments by putting beads or rice into them and capping them off with a piece of paper bound with a rubber band. Left over newspapers? Create paper mache objects or cut out bold letters from different sections and let your kids spell out their own names. There are many things in your home that can be used in a creative way, but always remember to read the labels carefully for any toxic ingredients and steer clear of anything that can be of harm to you or your child.


Turn everyday chores into a family affair-  If you have a never ending list of things to do around the house, make a game out of it and include your children. Write down what you would like to get done around the house on small pieces of paper and put them into a bowl. Let your children choose a chore from the bowl and when they finish reward them with something small-think a popsicle or their choice of what you make for lunch. Including them in what you are doing will help them feel important and will help you tackle your to-do list much faster. Remember to exclude the chores that involve cleaning products or require adult supervision and handle those when you have the time.


Check back for more “Summer Survival Tips” from Ross Insurance! Don’t forget, that if you have any suggestions or ideas to share them with us by commenting!

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