Surviving Summer Vacation

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Children are anxiously awaiting the final school bell as summer vacations will kick off within the next few weeks. Just because children will not be in school, does not mean that following a schedule can be difficult. Below are a few guidelines for making this summer vacation fun for all parts of the family without having to worry about the chaos of your children’s free time.

Continue with a morning routine- Whether you will be the watchful eye this summer, or a designated sitter will be helping with your children, enforcing a regular routine will help everyone to stay on track. For younger children, keeping meals around the same time every day will help them to familiarize themselves with the days’ events. Starting the morning out with breakfast, and a few hours later a snack will curb “grazing” periods and leave more time for active play and learning.

Reading outside of the classroom- Most schools are actively taking part in a summer reading program that helps children to stay educationally involved through out their summer vacation. You can check with your city library to see which reading materials are required of your children. Often times there are several choices, and letting your child pick which book they will read will help get them more involved with the assignment. Books are great time filler for car trips, and because they are so portable you can have an outside reading picnic, where kids can still get their reading in while taking advantage of the nice weather.

Step away from the TV- Getting outside and staying active will help your child to burn off energy in a healthy way. Monitoring television use will improve mobility and is great for everyone in the family. Planting, bike riding, going for walks and outdoor games are all good ways of getting out of the house while still being productive.

Keep it exciting- Changing things up will keep your children from getting bored with their free time. Setting aside an hour or two for scheduled spontaneity, whether it’s a trip to the park or ice cream shop will have your child looking forward to what the day brings. Encourage good behavior and you can reward your children by letting them choose what spontaneous activity you do.

Surviving summer vacation is simple with an easy going attitude. Leave wiggle room for your daily routine and above all have fun. Summer vacation is the perfect opportunity to spend time with your children and involve the whole family.

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