Delicious & Affordable Apps- Bacon & Cheddar Toasts

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Are you bored of the traditional appetizers served at holiday gatherings? Why not introduce these tasty bite sized treats and impress fellow guests. These bacon and cheddar bites are incredibly easy to make and even easier to eat. The robust flavors of cheddar cheese mixed with the smokey bacon will have guests raving until the next gathering. Recipe courtesy of The Martha Stewart Magazine- Everyday Food, March 2010 Ingredients 1/2 pound extra-sharp cheddar, cut into...

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What All Homeowner’s Should Be On The Lookout For

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In Connecticut news, a woman believes to have been “scammed” by a man posing as a roofer. The woman recalls a man coming to her door and explaining that he had performed roofing work on her home several years back and had noticed some minor damages while driving by the home. He then offered to take a look at any damages and make the repairs for the woman right then and there. The woman agreed and allowed him to travel within her home to get on top of the roof. An older...

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Summer Safety Blog Series Part 2

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With June being National Safety Month we decided to create our Summer Safety Blog Series to help educate those of ways to reduce the risk of injury or an accident occurring. This week’s topic shows you how to incorporate safety as a motorist in the state of Massachusetts. Massachusetts motorists may be more familiar with the many different techniques used to drive through New England’s notorious weather. Everything from black ice to hot spots, New England driving is put to...

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