3 Things You Should Know About Your Car

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As a driver in Massachusetts, you may have heard a few people tell you some “unwritten rules” to keeping up with your cars maintenance. Well what we have recently discovered is that there is very little truth to a few car owner myths that many people are following. Take a look at our 3 car owner myths along with the reality of the matter.   Myth #1- Let your engine warm up for a few minutes before driving: Reality: Though that may have been true for cars in the past,...

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Rental Car Insurance: Do You Really Need it?

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When your daily routine has you wanting an escape from reality, you’ll need to consider more than just where you’ll go but how you are going to get around. When flying into a different city you usually have one of two options, to take public transportation or to rent a vehicle. Public transportation can be a cheaper alternative but planning your vacation around the schedule of others can have you factoring in late arrivals and delays. Creating your own agenda so that you...

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