ID Card For Car Seats

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If your children or grandchildren are using a booster car seat, you should consider having an ID tag for your child attached to it. The ID card allows the paramedics and hospital to have your information handy in case of an emergency. This allows them to be able to contact parents or guardians and to identify the child if something were to happen. Simply attach it to any booster or car seat. If your child is out of a car seat already, attach it to their seatbelts. The ID...

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3 Easy Ways To Improve Your Health

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Did you know that there are certain foods found in most households that are proven to help reduce the risk of certain health problems? It’s true, there are many inexpensive foods that are found in many homes that can help reduce common health problems. Take a look below to see for yourself!   Coffee- This common morning pick-me-up serves more purposes than just a caffeine boost, it can help ward off diabetes! Coffee is filled with chlorogenic acid and magnesium which...

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What All Homeowner’s Should Be On The Lookout For

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In Connecticut news, a woman believes to have been “scammed” by a man posing as a roofer. The woman recalls a man coming to her door and explaining that he had performed roofing work on her home several years back and had noticed some minor damages while driving by the home. He then offered to take a look at any damages and make the repairs for the woman right then and there. The woman agreed and allowed him to travel within her home to get on top of the roof. An older...

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Taking Care Of Business- Fall Edition

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As a person who owns a car, it is important that you keep up with routine maintenance on your vehicle. Taking care of your vehicle doesn’t always require you to bring your car into an auto shop either. Take a look at a few Do-It-Yourself ways to keep up with your car,   -Replace your windshield wiper blades- You should be replacing your wiper blades every fall because you will likely run into more rain and snow in the fall and winter months.  Review your owners manual...

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National Preparedness Month : Part 2

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  Keeping up with our National Preparedness Month theme, we have provided you with a few ways to prepare your home from disaster. Colder weather will be here before you know it, which means that now is the time to winterize your home. Take a look at a few ways to get your home ready for the winter season.     Check and clean your gutters- With the fall season upon us, leaves and branches tend to fall on homes and wind up in the gutter. If these items are not...

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