Apartment Hunting Made Easy

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There comes a time when you grow out of the “dependent” age and start focusing on a life goal you may have. For most people living in MA & CT, that usually means living on your own. Not everyone is financial ready to jump into buying a home, which is why many people’s first residence means renting an apartment. When it comes time to renting an apartment, knowing where to start your journey is half the battle. At MyFirstApartment.com, you’ll be introduced to a free...

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Get The Lunch Boxes Ready, School Is Almost In Session!

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The time has come where those three words all children dread fill up every shop window, back to school. It’s a time when children get their last summer hoorah’s in and pick out their new clothes for the beginning of yet another year of school. It’s also a time when the heat begins to die down and the crisp breeze of fall passes through where stale hot air once resided. Getting your child ready for their trip to the classroom means getting some essentials. Here are a few...

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Social Media: Friend or Foe?

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The time has come that more people are incorporating social media into their daily lives. Whether it’s a quick “tweet” here or there, or uploading your vacation photos on Facebook, social media networks are rapidly expanding with new users. As you may have noticed, Ross Insurance has also decided to jump on the social media train and see where broadening our social horizons can take us :). However, there are certain scenarios that all social media users should be aware of...

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WARNING: Your Computer May Be At Risk

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When it comes to protecting yourself and the ones that you care about you take whatever measures are necessary to ensure safety. Setting the alarm on your house when you leave and locking the doors are often times a part of any daily routine. What people are discovering however is that they are overlooking an identity theft hot spot that can be accessed even thousands of miles away from your home, home computer systems. It might not sound very threatening, but how many of...

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