Tis’ The Season For Safety

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The holiday season may be known as the season of giving, but it is also a time when fraud and theft are high risks problems. Below you’ll find a few ways to better keep yourself, and your personal belongings, safe from theft or fraud: -Choose a bag or purse that you can hold onto such as a clutch or fanny pack. Bags with long straps that can be wrapped around your arms could cause injury if you are involved in purse snatching. -Avoid carrying large amounts of cash and if...

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Apartment Hunting Made Easy

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There comes a time when you grow out of the “dependent” age and start focusing on a life goal you may have. For most people living in MA & CT, that usually means living on your own. Not everyone is financial ready to jump into buying a home, which is why many people’s first residence means renting an apartment. When it comes time to renting an apartment, knowing where to start your journey is half the battle. At MyFirstApartment.com, you’ll be introduced to a free...

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