True Confessions of a Mom: It’s Tradition

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True Confessions of a Mom:  It’s Tradition

    Confessions of a Mom:  It’s Tradition   “It’s Tradition” is a phrase that I grew up with.  When my sister or I would ask why we were doing something my mother would say “it’s tradition”.  When we asked why we had to go somewhere for Christmas, we were told “it’s tradition”.  That response was taken at face value.  No other explanation was needed and we didn’t ask further.  It was if this word TRADITION was shrouded in some sort of deep mystery that we...

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Do you have a fire safety plan for your family?

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October Is “National Fire Safety Month” and while researching this topic, I came across many articles that support the need for every household to create a fire safety plan and to practice it with a fire drill. Have you created a fire drill plan with your family?  46% of U.S parents report that they have never practiced a home fire drill with their family. Did you know that Fire departments respond to calls for a fire every 23 seconds that take the lives of thousands of...

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