Thomas J. O’Conner Animal Shelter Invites All To The E-2 Experience

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Helping animals and animal lovers throughout the years, Thomas J. O’ Connor is an animal rescue shelter that many are familiar with. Providing animal control services and serving as a home to many rescued animals, this shelter has provided second chances for dogs, cats and other occasional animals. Taking in over 4,000 animals, TJO finds homes for any unclaimed animal through their adoption program. Offering their shelter as a temporary home, prospective pet owners can...

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Team Adam

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Adam and Ryan Rossmeisl have recently successfully mastered the art of riding bikes without using their training wheels. A feat that may seem small, but for them it serves an important purpose. This year will be the first time that Adam, 7 years old and Ryan, 5 years old will be riding 10 miles to raise awareness for Acute Myelogenous Leukemia. At 7 years old, Adam today is happy, healthy and has been cancer free for five years. Five years ago, Adam’s parents  Deb and Jason...

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